CAREL founded in the province of Padova

CAREL starts manufacturing steam humidifiers.



Design and production of a microprocessor controller for precision air-conditioners in computer rooms

CAREL creates the first monitoring system for air-conditioning units

Design and production of programmable controllers for air-conditioning

SMD technology and in-circuit testing introduced into the production process

Design and production of controllers for refrigeration

New programmable electronic board developed, complete with CAREL proprietary programming tools (EasyTools)



CAREL introduces serial communication on its entire range of controllers

The first subsidiary, CAREL France, established in Lyon

CAREL receives ISO 9001 certification

The German subsidiary CAREL DEUTSCHLAND established

A new more powerful and upgraded version of the pCOB is manufactured, called the pCO2

CAREL UK and CAREL Sud America are founded



The CAREL Group reaches sales of 55 million euro CAREL China established

CAREL Australia and CAREL USA founded ksa.carel.com, the web site wit h services for users of CAREL software products, goes on-line 

CAREL updates its quality system to the new ISO 9001:2000 standard 

CAREL adopts the ORACLE ERP system 

CAREL Centre for Experimental Thermodynamics founded, dealing, among other tings, with the experimentation of control techniques for refrigeration appliances, with special focus on new technologies. 



CAREL starts production at the new facilities in Suzhou (around 100 km from Shanghai). The new factory makes electronic solutions for the air-conditioning and refrigeration sectors to the same quality standards as the parent company, and was established to respond to the growing requirements of the Chinese market, as well as to ensure continuity of service to CARELs western partners who have manufacturing facilities in China.



CAREL Company of excellence, among the first one hundred companies of excellence in Italy. This is what emerges from the report entitled Our Excellence by Eurispes, the renowned institute of social studies working in the field of political, economic and social research. This recognition adds to the prestigious special mention in the 2006 F.I.O.R.E. prize (Farnell InOne RoHS Elected), in the RoHS compliant manufacturing technology category, and the Innovation Award as part of the Quality in Development Prize promoted by the Rotary Club, Unindustria Padova, the Chamber of Commerce, Ucid (the Christian Business Union), and the Order of Accountants.  



CAREL Ibérica was founded

CAREL won the Mediobanca 2008 Prize awarded to the most dynamic businesses that stand out for high growth and good profitability.

CAREL India, CAREL South Africa and RemoteValue established.



Corporate restructuring of the CAREL Group, with operational, industrial and commercial functions passing to a new company: CAREL INDUSTRIES S.r.l., controlled by CAREL S.p.A.

New Carel office in Russia.

CAREL won the Marco Polo 2009 prize, awarded by the Veneto region Unioncamere, as the company that showed the highest level of commitment and the most significant results in foreign trade in 2008.

At the 2009 China Awards, CAREL won the prize in the "Creators of Value" category (electronics sector), as the company that achieved best performance with China in 2008.



New manufacturing plant in Brazil.

Special Mention in "Business Innovation Prize" (IxI - Imprese x l'Innovazione), established by Confindustria (the main Italian organisation representing manufacturing and services companies) in collaboration with APQI (Italian Quality Awards Association).

CAREL has been valued positively after an accurate analysis of the performances of its organizational and strategic model, specifically oriented to the company growth through innovation.



CAREL INDUSTRIES S.r.l. changes its equity from quotes to share and therefore its new legal name is CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A.

Innovation prize awarded by "Amici della ZIP", Padua.

CAREL receives ISO 14001:2004 certification



CAREL Nordic was founded 

CAREL receives OHSAS 18001:2007 certification



CAREL Middle East was founded



Opening of sales subsidiaries in Mexico and Thailand
Opening of our seventh plant in Labin, Croatia