• General characteristics

    Energy2 is a panel-mounted microprocessor-based electronic controller especially designed to acquire data on electricity usage, so as to analyse the load profile at the mains power supply connection and consequently manage the electrical loads. Energy2 performs the control functions based on the expected power consumption in the specific billing period and intervenes when the mean value envisaged exceeds the maximum set. The control functions momentarily deactivate any loads that are not strictly necessary, so as to bring the power consumption back within the set limits. The devices that are switched off are restarted as soon as the conditions of the installation allow. The priority and disconnection mode can be set for each electrical load monitored.



  • Manuals
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +030220246
    Description Energy² User manual
    Language ENG 
    Date 14/09/2009
    Release 1.1
    Code +030220245
    Description Energy² Manuale d'uso
    Language ITA 
    Date 14/09/2005
    Release 1.1
    Code +030220249
    Description Контроллер Energy² Руководство пользователя
    Language RUS 
    Date 14/09/2005
    Release 1.1